I’m a fitness professional based in Gothenburg, Sweden with more than seven years experience working as a personal trainer, health coach and occasional motivational speaker. I can also be found at Barry’s Gothenburg, where I work as a trainer for one of the fastest growing boutique-style franchises in the world. Most of my life I’ve been active in sports, playing basketball for over 15 years and it gave me the opportunity to play collegiate basketball in the U.S.

After playing basketball at an elite level and experiencing various injuries, I decided to dedicate myself to learning more about the body and I got into personal training. Prior to that my strength training was very sporadic and not very structured at all. Like most basketball players growing up I believed that weight training would make me slower, less mobile, slow my growth and hinder my athletic performance. Fortunately, that isn’t true and most likely starting strength training would have helped all those areas and increased my performance and prevented injuries that plagued my active playing years.


Don’t know what to give someone for their Birthday, your partner’s Anniversary, or Wedding gift?

In one (1) Duo session package you can book a training session with a friend, partner, colleague or someone you want to have some friendly competition and fun with. Treat yourselves to a fun hour of training where we make sure you have some good laughs, great training and leave feeling a little bit stronger, and sweatier! All sessions are tailored to the individuals likes and wants as well as past experiences in training.

At Hotel Bellora, we offer a safe environment with limited space and few people that have access to the gym while we train to ensure everyone’s safety. Groups are limited to 4-6 people. And the same people are with the same group for all six weeks.

*60 mins training for two (2) at Hotel Bellora
*Towel, shower and toiletries
*Breakfast / Lunch (Brunch on weekends +250 SEK)
*Towels, shampoo, conditioner, face masks etc...

Buy (1700 SEK) Buy with Brunch* (1950 SEK)



Choose your level of commitment!



Focused and structured workouts to get you results without spending hours at the gym.

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In order to function and perform to the best of our abilities, nutrition plays a vital role in our overall well-being. I don’t believe in or work with temporary fads and the newest crash diets. Instead, I believe in being well-informed and giving you the tools you need to understand nutrition better so that you can make better and educated decisions about your health and goals.

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I have designed this section for the active basketball players and teams in mind. Regardless of where you are in the season, you can now outsource your strength training that is period specific with your season in consideration.

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