I’m a fitness professional based in Gothenburg, Sweden with more than seven years experience working as a personal trainer, health coach and occasional motivational speaker. I can also be found at Barry’s Gothenburg, where I work as a trainer for one of the fastest growing boutique-style franchises in the world. Most of my life I’ve been active in sports, playing basketball for over 15 years and it gave me the opportunity to play collegiate basketball in the U.S.

After playing basketball at an elite level and experiencing various injuries, I decided to dedicate myself to learning more about the body and I got into personal training. Prior to that my strength training was very sporadic and not very structured at all. Like most basketball players growing up I believed that weight training would make me slower, less mobile, slow my growth and hinder my athletic performance. Fortunately, that isn’t true and most likely starting strength training would have helped all those areas and increased my performance and prevented injuries that plagued my active playing years.

In college I studied both Business and Sports Management with a Minor in Personal Training, in which I received my degree in 2011. My philosophy in weight and strength training has evolved over the years, going from the typical body building-type style which I never honestly ever enjoyed into the more so called functional training realm. Every year I try to increase my knowledge in the field of fitness by going to seminars, workshops or educations so that I can offer better quality training to my clients.

I believe that everyone needs and would benefit greatly from incorporating mobility work, strength and cardio based training as a standard in their training. My background and experience as an athlete at an elite level knows what it takes to have a healthy, strong and high performing body. My goal is to help facilitate what works best for you and make sure that you can perform daily tasks without issues or limitations.

Today’s fitness culture can be a very toxic place, where the focus is geared toward vanity and unsustainable and unrealistic goals, leaving people overworked, stressed out and injured instead of feeling refreshed, energized and with more knowledge of how your body works.

I want to promote a smarter way of training regardless of your goals in fitness.

  • BS, Business (2011)
  • BS, Minor - Sports Management (2011)
  • Personal training school (2013)
  • Shaw Academy - Nutrition (2015)
  • Eleiko, Olympic Lifts & Mobility (2015)
  • Strength training for Performance (2017)
  • Holistic training - Level 1 & 2 (2017)
  • Pregnancy Training Certified (2018)